This commentary appears somewhat neutral as people are naturally concerned about retaliation which is not unusual in China.

This video clearly shows the terrible situation of the dogs at Mrs Yang’s shelters. Many of the obviously thin and hungry dogs suffer from skin diseases. Clearly, Mrs Yang is an animal abuser. Money ought never to be donated to so-called ‘rescuers’ who clearly do not know how to look after animals.

Mrs Yang’s daughter-in-law Feng, who takes care of Mrs Yang’s finances, wears expensive famous brand casual sportswear which is very expensive in China.

Also clearly shown in this video is something that has been reported by various people visiting Mrs Yang’s shelters who have said they were threatened by Mrs Yang or her relatives with sticks or iron bars.  This was something mentioned by the Chinese officials in their investigatory report where they said:

“We arrived at the shelter in the morning of September 17th. With Yang’s consent, we walked into the shelter. However, we were met by a 30-year old and physically strong man who was holding a steel rod in one hand and taking pictures of us on the other hand. He shouted that no picture taking was allowed. We later learned from Yang that this was her son. We also met with Yang’s daughter-in-law who was with us for the rest of the day. Yang’s son made it clear to us that no photos and videos were allowed in the shelter as soon as we entered the shelter. To avoid conflict, we did not take photos or shoot videos.”

Reports have also been received of visitors to Mrs Yang’s shelters being threatened with the police. One donor who had previously given Mrs Yang £10,000 visited her shelter and was subsequently arrested and taken to the police station.

The lady being attacked in this video is a donor and ex-supporter of Mrs Yang, a Ms Duan, director of the Puti Life-Caring Park. She was shocked but not seriously hurt.

We await with trepidation reports of further visits by donors and would urge caution for anyone wishing to ‘see for themselves’ what the true situation is at Mrs Yang’s shelters.


During June this year at Yulin, the team of Ms Duan (The Puti Life-Caring Park) gave Mrs Yang about 19,000 RMB which is about $3,000 apparently to transport dogs from Yulin.

One screenshot is the report from the Puti Life-caring Park exposing Mrs Yang. The second screenshot is the receipt with Mrs Yang’s signature confirming she received the money from Ms Duan.

The following two screenshots show a document dated 1st December where Tianjin local police explain why Ms Duan had to come to the police station from Mrs Yang’s shelter. They saw Ms Duan and Mrs Yang were fighting, and Mrs Yang had called the police (as she is known to do frequently) and asked the police to arrest Ms Duan. The police said they had already gone to the site of the event and they had seen everything.

Mrs Yang’s son and daughter live in an expensive apartment, drive luxury cars, wear expensive designer clothes, and use expensive iPhones. Mrs Yang’s grandson goes to an expensive nursery school. Their way of life generally is a wealthy and privileged Chinese lifestyle. They are having a large and expensive villa built for them.

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June 2015 shows a different shelter from the show shelter shown in the Mankind film