An eyewitness report exposing Mrs Yang has recently been given to us by a former volunteer who helped take care of the dogs at one of Mrs Yang’s shelters. She wishes to have her name withheld for fear of retribution. This is understandable as Mrs Yang has a well documented history of threatening people with police and along with her son threatening physical attacks with the “thick beating stick” (as Mrs Yang had called it) that she uses to keep under control her dogs, any disgruntled donors, and other questioners.

This is the report, presented here exactly as we received it:

A dog with very serious disease, a dog lying in a cage, only to see the dog’s head can move it slightly, the body cannot move, she looks already dying dog. The poor dog exude a stench, the volunteer would take she out from the cage, and want to clean the body of the dog, making her feel little comfortable. Asked Yang, Yang said: “NO, you don’t have to care about this dying dog , let her die, don’t care, that’s normal…”

The volunteer didn’t listen to Yang. She tried to take the dog out from the cage, when she took the dog in her hands, felt the dog almost NO weight! Then she saw a lot little white disgusting maggots, disgusting maggots, from this poor dog’s body to climb out. She had closer to look, on the dog’s stomach has opened a hole the size of eggs, disgusting maggots out and in from the hole.

You can imagine, this poor dog in the cold cage has been lying for several days with serious illness. She was torture death by disgusting maggots. Also by Yang. No food, no water, no caring, no medical treatment.  She was brutally tortured, she died with very painful death. The volunteer said, what she saw Yang gave food not every day, not every other day, but many days one time. Very dirty, foul-smelling garbage from restaurant!

And, when the dogs sick, because the body is weak, there is no effort to competition for food, so do not get food, these sick dog was starved to death.

The volunteer said, in her opinion, Yang is an cold-blooded killer for the poor dogs. She only use the dogs to making money – fraud, received donations from international dog lovers. In addition, a lot of dogs from Yang’s shelter were sold to nearby restaurants and medical laboratory. Near her shelter, there are many Korean restaurants selling dog and cat meat.

The volunteer said, Yang is an 100% demon! God shall punish her!  She MUST go in the hell!

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