That Mrs Yang sells to laboratories is not news for us as we have known for a while but the situation has been such it would have been difficult to tell people. Now an article has been published so we are free to speak out.

The above link – like others with posts exposing Mrs Yang – has been taken down or otherwise interfered with. Since at least 2009, Mrs Yang  has had a sophisticated internet presence with professionally written articles on specifically constructed websites, fake news sites, along with genuine websites such as “Bored Panda”. There have been dozens of professionally made videos on Youtube, one since 2009.

With a very strong presence on social media, especially Instagram, it is clear that there is a large team of people working night and day on the internet and elsewhere to promote and protect Mrs Yang. This is not surprising to us, as we know something of the massive amounts of money that have been sent to Mrs Yang from all over the world including from within China where it is now widely known that she is in fact a cyberscammer.

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