10000s Mail Online

From “Charities Observer” which is a troll site set up by Mrs Yang’s supporters there follows something of an own goal. Although when one starts to look closely, all the Mrs Yang propaganda, including videos by her own film company, is awash with it.

300 dogs acc to Mrs Yang300 dogs saved from Yulin 2015300 dogsFunds 4

450 dogs saved from Yulin 2015500 dogs saved from Yulin 2015500 saved from Yuilin 2015700 dogs full700 dogs1500 dogs 1 long version1500 dogs FR

1500 dogs1700-dogs-sophie-ling-2-e14989249559672000 dogs

2000-dogs.jpg3000-dogs3000 dogs Karen Cole4000 dogs_23200 dogs and 200 cats4000 dogs TV interview

2000-or-4000-dogs3000 to 4000 dogs

10000 saved

10000s dogs

No more than 300 dogstake-the-dogs-out-of-it.pngOwns 4 shelters