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by Dominick Mezzapesa
9 June 2017

The fight between Mrs. Yang or Madam Yang as some call her and No To Dog Meat is over. With the vindication of NoToDogMeat, it signals the end of the con-artist Mrs. Yang.

I have had enough of Mrs. Yang / Madam Yang and her “Pity me, I’m just an old, sweet grandmotherly type, retired schoolteacher, just helping the dogs.”  Bullshit!

In a recent post from “Friends of Yang,” they claim a big donor pulled out and they need money to survive after being backstabbed from this once loyal supporter.


Madam Yang’s downward spiral coincides with the Charity Commission ruling vindicating NoToDogMeat. They also ruled that wannabe reality star and fraud, Dr. Daniel Allen’s and Peter Egan’s claims that they were harassed by NoToDogMeat trolls was nothing more than a self-created fantasy. In other words Dr. Dan and Egan LIED!

I truly felt that Madam Yang was just a simple woman who was caught up in the Yulin hysteria. After her pictures, videos and story went viral. I believed she became overwhelmed and maybe even bought into the hype.

Having rescue organisations coming out of the woodwork to try and help her she bought into her stardom hook, line and sinker.

The moment glorification from groupies overrides facts and truth the person you were, no longer exists.

Knowing how easy it is for a person like Madam Yang to get caught up in the hysteria, has always made me feel bad for her.


But I have had enough of Mrs. Yang and her fake outrage, and her “Everyone is out to get me” excuses.

Just months after achieving stardom Madam Yang was already being exposed as a fraud.

In an interview, done in September 2015, a reporter asked Madam Yang about documented reports showing her rescue organisation left much to be desired.

Mrs. Yang working from the con-artist playbook grew upset about being exposed. saying “The images of dead animals could not be from her shelters.” Finishing with the classic con-artist excuse of blaming the criticism on the jealousy from rival activists.

“They spread this rumor against me,” she said, “because I took in all the dogs so they can’t use them to raise money.”

The Con Artist Playbook

No matter what subject you are talking about, in the universe of con artists, liars, and scammers, there are excuses to follow, when you get called out.

The evidence is fake and it’s a conspiracy to destroy me.

They are jealous of my success.

We are insignificant and/or we run a small organisation so you have to ask why they are bothering with poor little old me?

Guilt trip the accuser.

“We are just trying to help.”

“We should be working together.”

“How can you stand by and watch these dog’s die?”

“They are using me to make money or to draw attention to themselves off of my fame.”

“Pity me, readers, because… I gave up (blank), I suffered so much. My family has sacrificed (blank). Recently my health has suffered because of (blank).” etc., etc.

Cry… cry… and cry some more and when left no choice… cry with snot running out of your nose. This is a sure sign that you are the ultimate con-artist professional.

A perfect example that has nothing to do with animal activism is the Kathy Griffin 2017 news conference. In a matter of 10 minutes, she hit every major bullet point from the “I’m a con-artist” playbook. She jumps the shark so bad, she even played the pity me card (complete with tears). Crying: “All I did was post an ISIS-inspired President Trump decapitation picture? Why are they being so cruel to poor me, I’m nothing, a nobody? But these old white men in power just want to destroy me because I am a woman.”

You may ask where I have gotten these rules? While this list is mine, it has been created from many hours spent trying to understand how a con-artist’s mind works.

Viewing hundreds of hours of FBI techniques, or watching my personal favorite, Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. I believe I have a very good grasp on how a con-artist’s mind works, but more importantly how to spot them.

Let’s remember…

I never tried to attack Madam Yang.

I never exposed the documented proof that was sent to me or I had discovered.

I never listened to my gut, which has been pretty accurate over my lifetime in exposing bullshit.

I stayed out of it.

I never defended NoToDogMeat against Madam Yang.

I also tried to be respectful of the people who I have gotten to know.  I respect people such as Victoria Charlotte, Mrs Yang’s main fundraiser and a true Yang believer. I had hoped that they were not suckered in and I did try to explain my doubts that I had to the people I knew who had followed her.

Late last year both sides wanted me to write about NoToDogMeat and Madam Yang.  I gave them fair warning. I would NOT play favorites and I will report the facts as they are presented. We won’t discriminate when it comes to exposing people. It’s hilarious seeing the same person cheer you when the facts support them and curse you when they don’t.

While I spent weeks on this last year I decided that I would rather just hate myself for wasting all those hours, than write this story. I felt it would be dishonest for me to do so because the NoToDogMeat and Madam Yang drama started long before I got involved. I would have needed to rely on too many secondhand reports for the facts. So I chose to stay out of it, and let the Charity Commission and the lawyers issue their rulings.

I will say this. Last year I came to one undeniable fact. For the past few years, Mrs. Yang has been using the ”con artist playbook” whenever she got confronted or challenged by facts.

The number one rule in catching a con artist… Let them speak.

Here are a few small excerpts taken from the “Friends of Yang“ Facebook account. As you can read they hit many of the typical con artist excuses.

3rd February 2017 – “I’m especially looking forward to seeing the new roofs paid for by the kind donors and followers of this page.”

3rd March 2017 – “Thank goodness most of you are intelligent enough to see through the mirrors and smokescreens of blatant lies… This hate campaign has not gone unnoticed by Madam Yang and her health and mentality have been affected greatly because of it.”

5th March 2017 – “The hate and vile lies are taking their toll not only on Madam Yang but this group as well. It is using up energy and time that is taking us away from the main focus that being the animals.”

26th March 2017 – “It is now increasingly impossible to conclude other than the Charity Commission for England and Wales, in spite of many complaints, have colluded with the NoToDogMeat charity.”

25th April 2017 – “While looking after approximately 2,000 animals Madam Yang recently told us she has been fighting illness herself. She suffers from pains in her legs which have been caused mostly by the damp 2 x 2 sq m room she lives in.”

5th May 2017 – “Before shelling out your hard earned cash to support Western charities growing fat on the ‘Yulin bandwagon’ of easy money please check out grass roots rescuers Friends of Yang.”

25th May 2017 – “We are struggling desperately to raise the money to pay for the last two bills to date from the builders who are making improvements at Madam Yang’s shelter. We want to have a good relationship with them and pay our outstanding debt as soon as possible.” (The total comes to 33,000rmb – remember this number.)

7th June 2017 – “We have just been given the devastating news that the regular donor who pays for the rent at Madam Yang’s shelter has been swayed by the hate campaign against Madam Yang and will not be paying this year’s rent. We need to raise 30,000rmb (BINGO!) in the next two weeks or Madam Yang’s animals will be homeless.”

The Beginning of the End

The demise of a person or an organisation is easily seen when viewed through the lens of history. But seeing the signs as they happen can be difficult. Seeing this happen first hand on many occasions, we listed below some of the key points to look for.

Future projects that lack the bigger, more grandiose over the top goals that were once commonplace. Example: Instead of “We are going to CLOSE Yulin.” It now becomes “We want to bring awareness to Yulin”.

They start doing what everyone else is doing because now they claim “We want to work together”.

They are taking time off due to family, health or pressure from the organisations that want to destroy them.

Post that the evil conspiracy had won or a previously loyal supporter have backstabbed them, and only you can save them. “Help fight against the big [fill in blank] and show them the people won’t stand by and watch our demise.”

Of course, many cult members will buy into these excuses. But these same members, instead of facing the truth that they were conned, will simply fade away from the support group. Most likely hooking up with another con-artist.

Self-inflicted Wound

At some point on the ‘end is near’ road, the con artist will reach the “Time to self-implode” milestone. When Friends of Yang wrote the post below, it shows that she had arrived at this point in her journey.

The “pity me” cry for cash plea for help works fine, but only to a point.  It will never achieve what a con-artist or their supporters hope, because the fact is, everyone has problems.

“Pity me” for cash plea’s only works if they can show your “pity me” problems are more than that of the person reading.

It is the very reason why ‘cancer’ and ‘kids’ work so well when it comes to raising “pity me cash”.

For the record genuine people who suffered cancer or a plea to help a child is NOT pity. I am just using the name for this article and in no way believe those truly suffering deserve “pity” they deserve our compassion and our help. 

If you want to cry because I used the phrase “pity me cash” send me your address I’ll send you an official I don’t give a s*it crying towel, because I just wrote that this is NOT my position.

When compared to a person with cancer, your car having engine trouble pales in comparison. So we generously give to help these poor people whose problems are much greater than ours.

So Madam Yang’s “can you top this pity story” can only bring in so much in funding. When that happens desperate times call for desperate measures.

A Fact of Life

You know you the con-artist has reached the end of the line when they bring out the “It’s racist” or “Shame on you for letting the conspiracy win” or “How can you stand by and watch these dogs die” plea for cash.

For us, it signals time to start searching for the next con-artist. It won’t take long because there always seem to be one waiting in the wings. One of the true universal facts is “Life abhors a vacuum”.

As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, when one Madam Yang or Marc Ching goes the way of the dodo, as they inevitably will, another Madam Yang or Marc Ching will surely take their place and we will be here to expose them.