Charities Observer

by Dominick Mezzapesa 

It’s pretty amazing how clearly you can see people’s motivations when viewing things from afar or over time.

During our investigation for an upcoming story about the drama that took place between Notodogmeat and Mrs Yang, the famous Chinese dog buying activist, we kept running across the name Dr. Daniel Allen.

It would seem Dr. Allen believed his one chance for stardom and escape his “otterman” moniker was to insert himself into the conflict between Mrs.Yang and Notodogmeat.

Marc Ching and Daniel Allen

In 2014 Allen filmed an animal show pilot called “Animal House.” I am sure he was trying extremely hard to get it picked up by one of a dozen USA or UK reality channels… It failed.

“Animal House” describes itself as: “A television show that will renovate or build animal shelters in struggling communities. It’s family-friendly, inspirational and in need of a network home.”

Having written several novels and movie scripts…

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