In August 2015, when a UK registered charity visited Mrs Yang they were shocked at the filthy state of her so-called shelters with so many dogs who were clearly suffering terribly. NoToDogMeat quite rightly refused to hand over all the funds raised to help dogs rescued from Yulin to this self-confessed animal abuser who used to boast that she had never used a vet in 20 years.

By that time, Mrs Yang had already received £18,000 leaving £63,000 from an £81,000 total (in rounded-down figures). NoToDogMeat rightly gave the remaining funds to other rescuers, as they had the legal and moral duty to do. The bulk of the funds were given to a genuine Yulin rescuer with a well-kept shelter who truly cared about the wellbeing of the dogs and worked night and day to take good care of them.

On that same visit, caring Chinese activists had told the NoToDogMeat trustees that Mrs Yang had an enclosure, a type of large holding pen, in a desert type of place where dogs were left without anyone in attendance, and took them there. The dogs looked like they had been left there in the hot sun for days with no shelter, no food or water and some were already dead.

All the evidence points to the horrific truth about Mrs Yang, which is Xaioyun Yang is not a dog rescuer but is, in fact, a dog meat trafficker. Mrs Yang is not even registered as a charity but as a business. Mrs Yang has a record of over 20 years running filthy temporary shelters on derelict waste-grounds full of bacteria and parasites which are basically hellholes for dogs. Pictures and videos of her so-called shelters full of filthy rubbish show routinely there was no water available to the dogs through the very hot Chinese summers.

Over the years through many professionally made articles and videos, Mrs Yang has repeatedly made fantastic claims such as she had a massive number of dogs, the number varying from 300 to 6,000. Yet no one has ever seen her with more than about 200 dogs. This is despite Mrs Yang’s claims that she was constantly rescuing dogs, sometimes hundreds of dogs at once, which over the years would have amounted to many thousands of dogs. Mrs Yang is known not to rehome dogs, so where did all those dogs go? Mrs Yang has never given an explanation for this.

Mrs Yang repeatedly claimed her dogs were starving in order to get donations. Yet at the same time, Mrs Yang filmed herself for a fundraising video drawing £32,000 out of her bank to go to buy more dogs at Yulin, 1600 miles away.  Anyone with a brain would be asking how Mrs Yang, who had always claimed to be a lone rescuer who couldn’t drive, could manage to transport the dogs 1600 miles back to her shelter? And who was looking after her hundreds or thousands of dogs while she was away purportedly buying other dogs?

Due to many complaints about Mrs Yang’s shelter, including complaints from neighbours about the terrible smells of excrement and rotting body parts, the shelter was visited by a body of Chinese officials who carried out an investigation and found that it did not meet even the barest minimum standards of hygiene or indeed anything else. They published a very damning report which confirmed the shocking findings set out in the NoToDogMeat site report. In particular, they remarked that the ground was covered in excrement and there was no evidence of the shelter ever having been cleaned. They said they decided to set about and try to sweep up some of the excrement but it was not possible to find a broom. They posted their report on the internet and it is still online, where it can be read in English or in Chinese.

There have been many other reports, including eyewitness reports, videos and pictures which prove that Mrs Yang is not fit to run a shelter. If Mrs Yang had been in the UK or US or many other countries, she would have been shut down, in court and very probably in prison, a long time ago.

The main accusers and ringleaders of the structured hate campaign targeting NoToDogMeat for speaking out against Mrs Yang, namely Peter Egan and Daniel Allen, were asked by the Press regulatory body to provide evidence to back up the defamatory and dishonest claims in the Mirror article that they have used to attack NoToDogMeat, for example, that they were trolled. The only answer they were able to give is that they had “NO EVIDENCE” which proves absolutely conclusively that they lied. Not that NoToDogMeat lied, because they didn’t, but that Peter Egan and Daniel Allen lied. They were the ones that did the online trolling and they were the ones who lied. They were the ones who fought the corner of a con artist against a legitimate UK non-profit which is more stringently regulated than a US 501c3.

Moreover, their friend Andrew Penman a hack reporter for the Mirror published an article which disgracefully rehashed the lies that Peter Egan and Daniel Allen had told him and then Andrew Penman himself repeatedly lied. Even the Change.org petition they used extensively for their nefarious purposes is full of lies. More can be read about this in NoToDogMeat’s response to the Mirror article which is posted on their blog site.