Report on Mrs Yang by a Chinese Activist: Facts Not Fallacy

lt is appreciated that many shelters in China are not perfect and do not offer high standards of hygiene. With no animal protection welfare legislation in China, it is impossible to confiscate animals if they are not being given the treatment and care most would expect from a rescue shelter.

Yang Xiaoyun is a celebrity in China who attracts a crowd and has appeared on TV programmes and popular international and national Press. Through the press and TV we are presented with an angelic portrait of Mrs Yang as a selfless animal rescuer who cares deeply for animal welfare. The above article is one of very few which reveals an alternative view.

Those who have come into contact with Yang Xiaoyun have been voicing the following concerns about Mrs Yang:

  • Despite many shelter moves and donations, facilities for dogs and cats over the years does not improve
  • Unwise choice of shelter location – one in residential area presenting noise and pollution affecting the senses;  another shelter by a slaughter facility
  • Offers of volunteer support rejected
  • Recent dog food deliveries rejected – cash requested instead ([history of food donations being sold)
  • No records kept of accounts
  • Vet care for dogs is rejected – she feels she knows better than most
  • Very few dogs have been ever offered for adoption
  • Not all dogs are neutered and breeding occurs
  • Lack of staff means extremely poor hygiene which spreads disease rapidly
  • Medication for vaccinations accessible for dogs to digest
  • Four shelters miles apart and so few staff results in lack of care for dogs
  • Lies about receiving no international financial help in 2015
  • Grossly exaggerating number of dogs at her shelters
  • Dying dogs left to suffer and rot, lack of respect and hygiene for dead bodies (reports abound and some include pictures and videos of scenes with headless dogs, dog parts and innards – when confronted Mrs Yang claimed that these were the body parts of rabbits yet they were far too big)
  • Pleading no funds to feed the dogs and then seen buying many more dogs prior to Yulin
  • Not picking up funds transferred to her bank until weeks later despite pleading poverty
  • Denying receipt of funds one week and then confirming receipt weeks after
  • Attending courses and conferences on animal welfare but not practising it in her own shelters
  • Claiming to have organised a shelter and vegetarian cafe in Yulin for rescues of 2015 but no proper preparations made

Yang Xiaoyun came to light and has been successfully fundraising on Chinese and international media since 2009.

Retired teacher rescuing stray pets is overwhelmed” Yang Xiaoyun and adoption of stray cats together (February 24 photo) Tianjin

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A retired teacher from 10 years ago, Yang Xiaoyun started to rescue stray dogs and cats, now her adopted stray dogs and cats have reached more than 400. In order to rescue these stray dogs and cats, Mrs Yang said she had to sell the family’s residential housing, in order to rent venues for adoption. With the increasing number of stray dogs and cats, Yang Xiaoyun already feels powerless and overwhelmed.

In 2011, Yang Xiayun is featured on 101 East if you watch from 22 mins in – the figure of animals in her care has risen to 1,500 dogs and 200 cats.

In 2011 Mrs Yang attended the Animals Asia conference, along with other activists who appear on the above programme.

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It transpires that Mrs Yang has received some financial help from a good number of charities yet the conditions at her shelters do not improve.

Article April 2013 states that Yang Xiaoyun needs a new shelter – needing to move with 1000 dogs 200 cats

June 2014 from Sichuan Daily showing photos revealing hardship for Mrs Yang and the dogs from 2013

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A regular speaker on TV, Mrs Yang is said to welcome by appointment media to the one shelter she uses as a show shelter. Yet even the show shelter reveals newborn pups who have tumbled out of cages baking in the sun; a puppy with fleas having fleas picked off him and bathed in one of the drinking water bowls; dying dogs are ignored and not provided with any relief.

Mrs Yang started out by rescuing strays, and then decided to attend Yulin in 2014 and save some dogs from the meat trade and festival. Surrounded by cameras and journalists – Mrs Yang begged. wept and dropped to her knees to try to save a dog and every dog lover fell in love with this lady and what she was prepared to do to rescue dogs from being butchered.

“June 25 morning, the dog lovers in Tianjin Yang Xiaoyun after two days and nights of long distance transport, and finally to 360 dogs from Yulin transported to the dog base in Tianjin, a journey of nearly 2700 km.”

She was criticised for breaking the quarantine laws by transporting the dogs without  waiting 21 days, without vaccination certificates and paperwork, much like the traders do. She said she would go to Yulin again in 2015 and set up a shelter there and vegetarian cafe so the dogs and cats would not need to suffer during transport and no laws would be broken.

A video to watch all through for a balanced view of Yang Xiaoyun’s home and shelters in 2015 June 2015

‘Yang Xiaoyun of dogs around the base, there are three volunteers and care workers, only abandoned residential building in the eastern suburbs of Tianjin, this place is dog farm, personally run by Yang Xiaoyun.

“1/7: Reporters come to visit, and taken about at the site. A lot of waste, sewage, maggots, some rotten food, mixed with 600 dogs smelled, even a leftover no place. Once the media has thus raised criticism, questioning her and the dog does not bring a healthy living environment, there are a lot of dogs because of strife and disease dying every month.”

Mrs Yang Bought Dogs Prior to Yulin 2015 and Left Them to Starve to Death

On June 13 2015, Mrs Yang published photos showing her buying just prior to Yulin 67 dogs from the meat trade from Mudanjiang. She had claimed just days before she had no money to feed her 500 dogs in a different shelter.Yet she bought more dogs and then left them with no food or water to starve to death and travelled to Yulin with the money donated by NoToDogMeat supporters to buy more.

Mrs Yang buys dogs

Evidence of Dogs she Bought and Left to Die click LINK

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These videos show conditions at Mrs Yang’s shelters:

One reporter from Yulin 2015 says “According to Yang Xiaoyun said that today she has in Yulin spent about 7,000 yuan, bought about 100 dogs and cats, including a chow chow.” These and many more dogs and cats were rescued from Yulin 2015 – where are they now?

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Aug beginning: Volunteers make unannounced visits to Yang Xiaoyun located in Beichen, Tianjin Dongli and taken to the base of the base of photos and videos.

Aug end: Concern about this team and volunteers begin to microblogging and the group came to light in the micro channel.

Sep: Tianjin animal protection team 12 home self-published statement.

8 Sep: Tianjin TV Martin Ma Xiaohu’s “Canglongwohu” section describes the civil stray animal rescuer  – Yang Xiaoyun.  On this programme Yang Xiaoyun pretended to adopt 4,200 stray dogs with four rescue bases. She urged the nation of caring people raising 500 million. High-profile fundraising fraud.

10 Sep: There are people concerned about this event sent a “Open letter to Tianjin TV,” reported the request to correct a serious distortion.

15 Sep: The Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association, Xi’an red pomegranate Protection Center, Home of Love rescue centre in Chengdu and Beijing Garfield Animal Center, four agencies responsible for the joint visit Yang Xiaoyun base.

21 Sep: “The New York Times” published Special Report to the long length -“Chinese animal protection organizations and teams to save the dog’s joint condemnation of Yulin, Yang Xiaoyun deceive and mislead the public.”

20 Sep: The national total of 70 animal protection organizations and teams participate in the “Yang Xiaoyun parties have a responsibility to respond to animal protection groups around the question of the Joint Declaration” signatory.

22 Sep:  National Sina, Tencent, Sohu, Baidu and other major news portals full text of the New York Times reported in English.

There are fresh images appearing on social media indicating that instead of taking up offers of help from other agencies willing to take care of and adopt out Mrs Yang’s dogs to relieve her of such a burden, that she would rather continue keeping the dogs at her shelters. She appears to have found funds for a new shelter and to make building improvements.

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By a former long-time supporter of Xiaoyun Yang

The original article in Chinese and English can be seen here

The experience of one donor who gave $10,000 to Mrs Yang before he found out the horrific truth. He was sent a photograph of Mrs Yang – who has always claimed to be a vegetarian – tucking into a seafood feast when seafood is very expensive in China and so many times Mrs Yang has claimed she does not have enough money to feed her dogs!

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